Replace Shifter Boot – Suzuki Samurai, SJ413, Sierra

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Replace Shifter Boot – Suzuki Samurai, SJ413, Sierra.
The transmission shift boot is an area where cold air or water and dirt from the road can enter the interior of the Suzuki Samurai, SJ413, Sierra. In the winter time you don’t want sub-freezing air leaking in the interior through a hole or split in the shift boot. The heater on the Suzuki Samurai, SJ413, Sierra is not very strong and any cold air coming in from a hole in a transmission shift boot will negate the heat coming from your heater in winter. It’s pretty easy to change a transmission shift boot, but as usual when working on very old vehicles you run into unexpected additional problems. The problem I ran into was taking off the shifter knob, because the shifter knob was epoxied on the shifter and the only way to remove the shifter knob would be to use a cut-off wheel, which I didn’t want to bother doing. So to install the transmission shift boot, without removing the shifter knob, I cut a neat slice in the boot so the shift boot would slip over the shifter knob. Then I used a very strong ’emblem’ adhesive to reglue the split I made in the shift boot and tied it off with 3 tie-ties. So no there are no drafts in the Suzuki Samurai, SJ413, Sierra due to a hole in the shifter boot.

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