Suzuki Samurai, Distributor & Ignition Ideas & Tips

Suzuki Samurai Parts
Suzuki Samurai, Distributor & Ignition Ideas & Tips.
This may be very useful information on the Suzuki Samurai ignition system. I have a 1985 Suzuki SJ413 (called a Jimny 1300 in Japan). I do not have a computer or ECM or an O2 sensor on the 1985 Suzuki SJ413 (Jimny 1300). My 1985 Suzuki SJ413 has a distributor and distributor components that appear to be exactly like the later carbureted 1986 to 1989 Suzuki Samurai, except my distributor is wired directly to the ignition coil. It may very well be that you can bypass the ECM and O2 sensor, for offroad use only, and have a much simpler ignition system on your Suzuki Samurai. Also a 1982 to 1985 Suzuki SJ410 distributor should be able to bolt right into the Suzuki Samurai if you want to run the old reliable points type ignition system.

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