Suzuki Samurai -Installing a U Joint

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Suzuki Samurai -Installing a U Joint.
Sometimes it is easy to diagnose a bad U-joint. You will hear a clunk when you put the car in gear. But sometimes it is not that obvious to diagnose the problem. The way to check for a bad U-joint is to get under the car and try the shake the U-joint in different directions and see if it is loose or has any play in it. The U-joints on this Jeep were tight but there was a squeak at low speed when driving in reverse. When going forward there was a slight vibration in the drive-train at low speed. The squeak and vibration at low speed were is sync with the driveshaft rotation and not the wheel rotation. So the problem was that one of the Universal joints (U-joints) was dry and needed grease. But the OEM Universal joints (U-joints) have no grease fittings, so that required that the Universal joints (U-joints) be replaced and new Universal joints (U-joints) be installed. When replacing the Universal joints (U-joints) make sure to get the type with grease fittings.
U-joints last a long time but if there is a misalignment in the driveshaft angle from lifting the Samurai, the U-joints will fail much more quickly.


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