Suzuki Samurai -Windshield Frame Rust Repair 1 of 2

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Suzuki Samurai -Windshield Frame Rust Repair 1 of 2.
The most important thing in fixing rust is to either grind out all the rust and /or coat any rust with Chassis Saver, so that no new rust can form or existing rust can spread. All rust starts small and if you keep after it you will prevent major problems down the road. The Suzuki Samurai or any Jeep will get chips in the paint on the windshield frame, since the windshield frame is so flat. Once you have chips in the paint, it will not be long before rust starts and you have a hole in the body panel. Rather than welding, I am going to use small sheet-metal patch panels and use body panel adhesive to install them. i will also coat the inside of the windshield frame with Chassis Saver to stop any new rust from forming. The panel adhesive and sheet metal patch panels may be better than welding for any non-structural area, since the panel can be rust-proofed on the inside also. Chassis saver will stick a lot better to surface rust than clean metal. Your only concern, when using Chassis Saver over surface rust is to make sure there is no oil or grease on the area. After this windshield frame is repaired it will be painted with spray truck bed liner, which will make it impervious to chips from rocks. It is a good idea to paint parts of any Jeep or 4X4 truck that sees some off-road use with truck-bed liner. Any other paint that is used can chip and lead to rust.

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