Suzuki Samurai -Windshield Frame Rust Repair 2 of 2

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Suzuki Samurai -Windshield Frame Rust Repair 2 of 2.
This was a quick repair on some minor rust-through holes in the windshield frame on a Suzuki Samurai. Jeeps, CJ5’s, CJ7’s and Wranglers would benefit from this fast repair that will stop the rust completely. I ground out the area, then coated the inside of the windshield frame with Chassis Saver (which will lock it and stop any future rust). Then I made some small patch panels out of sheet metal and bonded them in with 3M panel adhesive. (part no. 08115). 3M panel adhesive (part no. 08115) is made for bonding on quarter-panels, and door skins and other non-structural body parts. In recent years most cars have their panel bonded on at the factory versus welded. The bid advantage of using panel adhesive is that the back of the panel can be totally rust-proofed. When you weld, even when using weld-through primer, there is always some area that is exposed metal and can start to rust through again from the inside. that is not the case with panel adhesive. If you want a flat, clean job, the best way would be to flange the metal so the replacement patch panel would sit in the hole flush. But I am just going to paint half this Suzuki Samurai with spray truck bed liner in the areas that get subjected to the most rocks and debris. It’s not worth putting expensive paint on an off-road vehicle in my opinion. It will be all black with half gloss black and the other half flat black truck bed liner.


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