VINEGAR will Clean a Rusty Gas Tank

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VINEGAR will Clean a Rusty Gas Tank.
Suzuki Samurai Gas Tank Clean out & coating & other 1 of 2

Suzuki Samurai Gas Tank Clean out & coat & Install 2 of 2

Plain white vinegar (which is the cheapest type of vinegar) will work incredibly well to dissolve, clean-out and remove rust from inside a gas tank. First you have to take out the gas tank and remove all the old gas. Then pour in straight white vinegar and let it sit for several days. It will depend greatly on how rusted out the gas tank is for the treatment time and the number of times the process has to be repeated. Then rinse the gas tank out thoroughly with water and then add water and baking soda to neutralize any of the residual vinegar. Vinegar is safe for metal but you want all contaminates out of the steel gas tank because the final step would be to could the bar metal with a gas tank sealer, like Kreem or RedKote. If you do it right and take your time the coating will last. I have had the Kreem coating on the inside of my Harley-Davidson gas tank since 1990 and it is still 100% intact and the gas tank has zero rust on the inside.
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